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Where can you find Race Furniture around the world?

Race Furniture has been leading the design and manufacture of seating in public spaces for over 70 years. You can find their bespoke, expertly crafted seating installations in venues all across the world including opera houses, lecture halls, transport terminals, and national theatres. With this in mind, here are some of the key projects that Race have done over the years.

Gatwick airport

Race worked closely with London Gatwick Airport to furnish its new North Terminal lounge for travellers who require special assistance. The special assistance area was given a £2 million renovation and was designed to offer the style and comfort of a premium lounge. The area now features bespoke chairs from the Ernest Race Classic Collection. These have been custom designed to offer the ideal level of comfort and support to ensure a pleasurable airport experience. The soft, spacious furnishings offer a quiet and relaxing environment where disabled passengers can unwind before their flight. The new space can accommodate up to 90 people requiring extra assistance which is over double the capacity of the previous area. This now represents one of the largest of its kind in any European airport.

Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Race Furniture specialise in providing high-quality theatre seating and have worked in partnership with the world’s leading architects and designers to complete seating installation projects in opera houses, concert halls, and theatres all across the world. Back in 2010, Race were responsible for completing a renovation project at Ireland’s famous Bord Gais theatre located on Dublin’s picturesque waterfront. This is Ireland’s largest fixed-seat theatre and Race were asked to install 2,000 seats with the aim of creating a comfortable and practical seating arrangement designed to maximise the theatre experience. The theatre has been hugely popular since its reopening and offers the best of Broadway and the West End alongside new, niche, and local productions.

Royal Danish Opera House

Race worked closely with the project manager and design manager to complete the seating renovation of the famous Royal Danish Opera House in Copenhagen. The national opera house of Denmark is considered one of the most modern opera houses in the world and the main stage seats an impressive 1400 guests. It is also well-known as one of the most expensive opera houses ever built with construction costs thought to be over £400 million. The seating at the Royal Danish Opera House was arranged in a tiered design with multiple levels to maximise capacity and ensure that every guest gets a clear, unobstructed view of the main stage. Plush, comfortable seating was chosen to further enhance the theatre experience. Nowadays, the Royal Danish Opera House offers regular world class live opera and symphonic music performances and hosts some of the best musicians from all around the world.

Newark Airport

Race have been providing public area seating and offering passengers a comfortable experience in transport terminals for over seven decades. This includes airport terminals, railway and bus stations, ferry terminals, shopping malls, museums, and healthcare facilities. Race were recently tasked with the renovation of over 3000 seats in Newark Airport, one of the USA’s major airports based in New Jersey. Race created a range of upholstered, custom made fixed-seats to provide passengers with an enjoyable and comfortable waiting experience, while maximising the terminal seating capacity. The seating is also extremely durable, which is vital in airport environments. This is because airport seating experiences daily use, so seats made from poor quality material will quickly become worn and need replacing. This may result in airports having to invest more of their potentially over-stretched budget on alternative seating solutions. For that reason, Race always provide transport terminals with highly durable seating that is built to last.

University of Gloucestershire

Race has provided auditorium seating for a huge variety of prestigious venues across the globe including university lecture halls, media centres, religious buildings, and conference facilities. Race was tasked with the overhaul of over 100 lecture hall seats at the University in Gloucestershire. They worked closely with lead architect Austin Lord Smith to maximise attendance number and ensure that they were able to adapt the seating to the sloping floor of the lecture hall. The seating was custom designed from Race’s Connect Range to create an interactive learning environment by improving comfort and encouraging interaction between students. This seating range has been praised for its ability to create a collaborative teaching environment and has created a large amount of interest among Universities since it was first launched in 2010.

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