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The Effects of Seating On Your Lecture Hall

Lecture halls have been used in higher education for centuries and are often considered to be the ideal learning environment. Universities and colleges rely on lecture halls to deliver valuable information to vast numbers of students everyday. Research has shown that environmental factors, including seating, can have a significant effect on the learning experience and performance. Where students sit, what they can see, and who they are able to interact with, plays a vital role in how well they perform. For that reason, it is important to consider the seating of your lecture hall carefully, and choose the best quality seating for your students. With this in mind, here are some of the main effects that seating can have on your lecture hall.

Keep students focused

Many studies have found that students who are comfortable, are able to remain focused for longer periods of time. This allows them to absorb more information and helps to improve the overall learner ability. On the other hand, students who are uncomfortable will be less motivated and more likely to become distracted during a learning session. Uncomfortable students are likely to spend most of the teaching session fidgeting and moving in an attempt to get into a comfortable position. This may then distract those around them, as well as the person teaching the lecture. Investing in comfortable lecture hall seating is therefore a great way to provide your students with a positive learning environment. Most modern lecture hall seats are fully upholstered, with moulded foam chairs to provide ultimate comfort.

Reduce the risk of injury

Sitting for long periods of time in a chair with inadequate support, can lead to poor posture and injuries to the back, neck and shoulders. These injuries could result in students having to take time out and miss teaching sessions, which could have a negative impact on their overall performance. Fortunately, modern lecture hall seating encourages sitting positions for good posture. This is extremely important because it allows students to remain comfortable, focused and motivated throughout the teaching session, and reduces the risk of pain or injury associated with sitting for long periods.

Maximise your space

Efficient seating solutions can be used to maximise the space available in your lecture hall. This will enable more students to attend teaching sessions, without feeling cramped or confined. Traditional lecture hall seating is usually fitted in a tiered design with a stage at the front. This helps to optimise the available space, and means that all students have a clear view of the lectures and front of the hall, without anything obstructing their vision.

Create an active learning environment

Traditional lecture hall seating was designed in rows, with all students facing the main stage area. In this environment, students would usually sit in silence and listen to the lecturer teach a set class for an hour or so. However, modern seating options include reconfigurable furniture arrangements which allow learners to move around freely. This enables students to take an active role in their learning and encourages group work, shared learning, and collaboration among learners. Active learning environments have been shown to be far more effective than traditional passive learning environments.

Provide a visually appealing space

Aside from comfort and efficiency, the right seating will also help to improve the visual appearance of your lecture hall, which can contribute to a more positive learning experience. Remember that no one wants to sit in an old, worn, or faded seat while they’re trying to learn. Replacing your current seating will instantly freshen up your lecture hall and give it a more polished appearance. Modern lecture seating is made from high quality materials and built to last, meaning you will have to replace it less often. Most manufactures also offer generous warranties, so you won’t need to worry about having to replace your seating for a good number of years.

Final Thought

The type of seating in your lecture hall can have a significant impact on learner experience and performance. Upgrading to modern lecture seating will ensure that your students are comfortable and able to remain focused throughout teaching sessions. Efficient seating options will also enable you to maximise the space available, and give you the opportunity to create an active learning environment, which will benefit both you and your students.

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