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Stackable Chairs

Many people still think of stacking chairs as being uncomfortable plastic pieces of furniture. However, a lot has changed when it comes to the manufacture of this type of seating. Race Furniture produces stacking chairs that are lightweight and affordable but are also durable and comfortable. The truth is that you can invest in high quality stacking chairs that closely match the comfort and style of your regular seating. This means that you have flexible seating options whenever you need them and they do not compromise the good experience that people have when they visit your premises.

The convenience of stacking chairs

One of the main reasons why our clients buy stacking chairs from us is that they are so convenient to use and store. You can place seating in a room when it’s needed and then stack the chairs against the wall when the need has passed. This means that you can use the floor space for another purpose. This convenience makes stacking chairs ideal for use in schools, churches and office buildings in which areas can have a variety of different uses. Stacking chairs are also easy to move around which means they can be ideal for use at conferences and in classrooms where break out groups may be a regular occurrence. If you need seating for an office, stacking chairs can be an ideal solution. They can be used as additional seating in meeting rooms and can be placed outside private offices, to create a dedicated waiting area when you are holding interviews for vacant positions.

Comfort and durability at an affordable cost

By their nature stacking chairs are often subject to a lot of movement and potentially rough use. They are placed, moved around and stacked away on a regular basis and when time is tight this is not always done in a gentle manner. Race Furniture makes all of its stacking chairs with durable materials. This means that can withstand the rigours of every day use and maintain their good working order, high quality appearance and comfort. Although, we always recommend that you handle stacking chairs in a sensible manner, in order to optimise their length of life. We work with our clients to make sure that they get the type of stacking chairs that are best suited to their needs. For instance, plain good quality plastic chairs may be ideal for use in a school or church hall, where functionality is more important than appearance and levels of wear and tear can be high. On the other hand, stacking chairs for an office building may need to be upholstered in corporate colours. This type of consideration is important if you require the flexibility of stackable seating without the loss of the style and corporate representation that you get from your regular seating.

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