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Public Area Seating - What Considerations Are Taken Into Place

The type of seating used in public venues like airports and train terminals, plays a crucial role in the overall experience that people have while using these spaces. All public venues should carefully consider seating in their design plans and choose a seating solution that offers both comfort and functionality. With this in mind, here are the key considerations to be aware of when choosing a seating solution for your public seating area.


Comfort is often one of the first things that venues consider when searching for effective public area seating. People typically spend long amounts of time in public venues and expect to be provided with certain amenities such as quality seating and rest areas. For instance, passengers may spend hours in transportation terminals waiting for their train to arrive. It is therefore crucial that members of the public are provided with quality seating that allows them to sit and wait comfortably while using these public facilities. What’s more, quality seating solutions also provide the support needed to ensure that people can sit and wait for extended periods of time without the risk of experiencing pain or injury. Poor posture as a result of inadequate seating can lead to serious injuries to areas like the back, neck and shoulders. Fortunately, there are many excellent seating solutions on the market that provide optimal levels of comfort and support. This includes seats that have been upholstered or fitted with plush cushions to provide the most comfortable experience possible.


The location of public seating will play a key role in the type of seating used. For example, locations like walkways and public transits will require durable seating as these areas are likely to be used regularly. Benches offer an efficient seating solution in busy public locations as these can accommodate multiple people at one time. This makes them ideal for locations with heavy traffic. Moveable chairs are an excellent option for public venues like restaurants and cafes as they allow flexibility and enable food venues to arrange the sitting as per the requirement. Whereas, benches would not be an effective choice in these types of venues as they are usually lined up in a fixed row, which makes it difficult for a group to interact and have a conversation.

Space Efficiency

Many public spaces experience large volumes of foot traffic and are in near constant use by members of the public. For that reason, public venues need to choose space efficient seating solutions that allow them to maximise their available space and optimise capacity. For instance, passengers often spend hours within airport terminals waiting to board their flight. It is important that airports provide enough seating so that all passengers can sit and wait comfortably during this time. Public venues can use a combination of space efficient seating solutions like fixed seats, benches and island units to maximise space. Many of these seating options can be custom designed to fit any space, thus allowing public venues to further enhance the available space.


As mentioned above, public areas are often in constant use by members of the public. This means that public area seating needs to be constructed from strong material that is built to last. Purchasing poorly-made seating options means that venues risk having to replace or repair broken or damaged chairs on a regular basis. This could become a huge unnecessary expense and have a negative impact on cash flow budgeting over time. For that reason, all public venues should invest in quality seating solutions that have been constructed from durable material like steel. This will help ensure that your public area seating provides many years of hassle-free service once installed.


All venues should also consider accessibility when looking for seating solutions for their public areas. Modern seating solutions can be utilised to make public venues more accessible for people with a wide range of disabilities. For example, many airports now offer special assistance lounges which feature premium custom-made seats that offer additional space and comfort. This helps to enhance the travel experience for passengers who require additional assistance.

Final Insights

Seating plays an extremely important role in the overall experience that people have while using public areas. Investing in quality seating has a huge number of benefits - it provides the comfort and support that members of the public expect to receive while using public spaces, it helps venues manage their cash flow budget more efficiently, and it makes public venues more accessible for people with disabilities. The above factors should be taken into consideration when searching for the best seating solution for any public space.

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