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In an exciting new collaboration, we are bringing our clients, old and new, a glimpse of the future as we combine our decades of experience in theatre seating design and Preevue’s cutting-edge visualisation, venue scanning and sightline analysis technologies.

This partnership is a first-of-its-kind and will change the way venue’s design and plan their space with a more interactive, visual, economical, and forward-thinking approach.

The industry is rapidly moving further towards visualisation and working together to standardise the methods and files used is a great step.

Ryan Metcalfe, Managing Director of Preevue

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Key Benefits

By utilising Preevue’s incredible technology you will be able to see and interact with your designs, including changing the rake, fabric colour and layout of the seats, without leaving your office.

A streamlined venue design process

2mm-accurate laser scan surveys used to build CAD models that guarantee accuracy and certainty with the views from seats, sightline analysis and VR visualisations.

100% remove – the entire process can be handled virtually from end-to-end.

Save valuable time with quicker decision-making

Allows you to cost save as the whole process is a lot more efficient.

Increase your revenue with optimised and cleverly designed spaces – maximising every inch of the venue.

Who are Preevue?

Following its incorporation in 2016, Preevue has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of LiDAR laser scanning and 3D visualisation in the theatre and live events industry. They have provided production consultancy and visualisation for productions including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Come From Away, Bat Out of Hell The Musical, and Moulin Rouge.

How will it work?

Your initial enquiry will come to us here at Race, where one of our specialist project consultants will work with you to get a full understanding of your requirements, space, and end goals.

Once agreed, Race and Preevue will work together to create your model. Preevue will come and take a scan of your venue (A typical auditorium and stage takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully survey and can be undertaken even with a current production in that can be digitally removed from the scan.) and then from this create the 3D CAD model. Throughout this our design team will be designing your bespoke seating solution, which will then be worked into the model – allowing us to check sightlines and maximise seating placements.

Explore the Technology

Images show example of Preevue and Race Furniture work combined from our recent project working with The Georgian Theatre. Preevue 3D model of the venue with Race’s seating models built in.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to discuss how this exciting new venture can work for you and your next project!

This partnership with Preevue signals a major step forwards, not only in Race’s evolution, but the evolution of the entire industry. For the first time ever seating design, layout & manufacturing expertise will be combined with cutting edge technology in 3D Venue visualization and sightline analysis. This allows our clients to now see their designs including changing the rake, fabric colour and layout of the seats live in front of them, allowing decision making and changes to layout & seat capacity instant & cost efficient.

Lucy Stokes, Managing Director, Race Furniture

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