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Race Furniture was delighted to be involved in the refurbishment of the historic Alexandra Palace Theatre in North London. Race was approached by theatre consultants, Charcoal Blue to supply over 400 stacking chairs for the flexible seating area in front of the stage.

Ally Pally theatre has not been used for 80 years and the reconstruction, started in 2016, followed years of research and design. The restoration preserved as much of the original detail as possible, with the venue being described as "preserved in a beautiful state of arrested decay and frozen in time,"

In Will Gompertz report for the BBC he states that, ‘The theatre's extraordinary past oozes from those unfinished walls and bare floorboards. You can instantly imagine what it must have been like back in the 1880s”

The Race Stanway stacking chairs offer the venue a high level of flexibility. Stacking 30 chairs high, the Stanway was customised so that the chairs could link together but also arc for curved rows.

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