Round-up of the Renowned Olivier Awards: 2018

The renowned Olivier Awards, this year hosted by Catherine Tate, applauded another year of great Theatre, presented at the Royal Albert Hall. The ceremony, which took place on Sunday 8th April, saw one piece in particular steal the show. ‘Hamilton’ took home an impressive seven prizes, which included Best New Musical and two performance accolades. […]

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A view from the top

theatre seating

Why everyone can see the stage in a theatre Going to the theatre should be a enjoyable experience; a good comedy play that lifts your spirits, or a well known musical that you can sing along to. Theatre visits can make great memories. One of the most important aspects of enjoying a theatrical performance is […]

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The Bespoke Nature of Theatre Seating

theatre seats

If you were to ask the regular theatre attendee as to what they look for when booking tickets for their next performance viewing, seating would likely be one of the most imperative deciding factors. After all, the length of theatre productions can be extensive and ticket prices can be decidedly costly. There are a number […]

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Seating for Persons with Reduced Mobility

With our rapidly increasing population, individuals in society have developed entirely diverse body shapes. For this reason, requirements for comfort have become much more personal. Without having considered the many ranges of people with different builds, the most iconic seating products have been carefully fashioned to combine trend with function, to look stylish while fitting […]

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Some of the Most Beautiful Theatres in England

race furniture

We’ve sought out some of the most beautiful theatres to be found across the country. From staggering opulence to fascinating history, from the natural beauty of our most south-western tip, there’s no denying we have some truly gorgeous playhouses. We enjoy a proud British history of theatre seating and playwriting going back more than five […]

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