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Maximise Seating in Minimum Space: Race's Philosophy

Seating plays a vital role in the comfort and overall experience when using public spaces - from airport terminals and bus stations, to lecture halls and theatres. All venues and buildings should carefully consider seating in their design plans and look for ways to make public areas more comfortable and functional. Let’s look at some of the key types of public seating and ways that they can be used to enhance a space.

Lecture halls

Lecture halls have been used in education for centuries and are often considered the ideal teaching environment. Many studies have shown that external factors like seating, play a vital role in the overall learner experience. Students who are sat comfortably through teaching sessions are able to remain focused for longer periods of time. This enables them to absorb more information and improves their overall performance.

On the other hand, students who are sat uncomfortably are likely to be distracted and less motivated to learn. Seating should therefore be a key consideration when designing lecture halls or other educational venues.

Investing in quality comfortable lecture hall seating is a fantastic way to provide students with a positive learning environment and enhance the overall learner experience. There is a wide variety of modern auditorium seating available on the market - these seats are comfortable, functional, and space-efficient. Traditional lecture halls often feature fixed seating rows, but many modern educational venues now use a variety of different seating solutions that encourage a collaborative and interactive teaching environment.

Transport terminals

Comfortable public seating is extremely important in transport terminals within airports, bus and train stations, and ferry harbours.

For example, seating plays a vital role in maintaining passenger satisfaction in airports. People are likely to be spending hours sitting in airport terminals waiting to board their flight, so it is vital that they can sit comfortably during this time and have adequate support to maintain a good posture and avoid causing pain or injury. Most major airports have thousands of people passing through them everyday. It is therefore important for airports to choose seating solutions that will maximise the space available and provide ample seating for all passengers.

The same applies to other transport terminals like those found within bus and train stations. Another major consideration for transport terminal seating is durability. Seats within transport terminals will be in almost constant use, so they need to be designed with strong quality materials built to be long-lasting and withstand daily physical use. Here are some of the most popular seating solutions used in transport terminals:

● Fixed chairs - These are the most popular type of seating used in public spaces. They are attached in rows to maximise space and come in a variety of different styles that offer comfort and durability.

● Premium chairs - These are used in public areas where passengers have paid from premium service such as first class lounges in airports. They have additional features, like plush cushions and reclining buttons, to provide extra comfort and luxury.

● Benches - This is a more informal, relaxed seating solution that is extremely affordable and versatile. Benches are often made from steel to provide durability.

● Seating island unit - Most seating islands are upholstered and made from soft material to provide an extremely comfortable and relaxed seating arrangement. They can be custom designed in a variety of different styles and lengths.


Seating plays a crucial role in theatre design and can have a significant impact on the overall theatre experience. There is a wide variety of different seating solutions used in theatres - from plush, cushioned seats in grand theatres, all the way to basic stackable chairs in small pop-up performance venues. Theatres now understand the importance of seating and there have been many renovations in recent years.

One recent example is the famous [Hippodrome Theatre] in London. Race Furniture were tasked with carrying out a complete overhaul of the theatres interior with the goal of designing stylish seating using a variety of interesting and exotic materials. The new seats provide comfort and help create the elegant, luxurious ambiance that the theatre were hoping to achieve. Seating solutions can also be utilised to maximise space and allow flexibility. For example, stacking chairs can easily be moved to wherever they are required and can be used to convert large public spaces into seated arenas.

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