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Lecture Hall Seating - Which is best?

The seating solution used in lecture halls is extremely important as it can have a significant effect on the learner experience and overall academic performance. Choosing high-quality seating can offer a huge number of benefits to both educators and students. For instance, comfort is a key factor to consider when choosing seating for a learning environment as comfortable seating will encourage students to remain focused and motivated for longer. Whereas, students who are sat uncomfortably are likely to become distracted and find it difficult to absorb information during teaching sessions.

Seating can also be used to create a collaborative learning space that encourages communication and group learning. Interactive environments have been shown to be far more effective and deliver higher academic results when compared to traditional passive lecture style teaching sessions. For these reasons, it’s extremely important to consider the available options carefully and choose the best seating solution for your learning space. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular lecture hall seating solutions on the market today:


The Connect range is a multi-award winning seating solution that has been highly praised by educators and learners all across the UK and Europe for its innovative and highly efficient design. Race Furniture has recently installed the Connect seating range in a number of universities and colleges around the UK, including the University of Birmingham and Exeter University. Here are some of the key benefits of the Connect range:

Space efficient

Connect is one of the most space efficient seating solutions on the market today. The innovative design reduces the overall space requirement by combining an interactive lecture theatre with a collaborative break-out space that only requires around 1.3㎡ per student. On the other hand, traditional fixed-row lecture hall seating requires around 2.5㎡ per person. The Connect range therefore allows universities and colleges to maximise student capacity, optimise available space and create a more effective teaching environment.

Encourages collaborative learning

One of the main benefits of Connect, is its original design that creates a collaborative learning environment by enhancing student-student and teacher-student communication. The unique design allows students to work collaboratively in groups with a clear view of the lecturer. It also allows the lecturer to move freely around the room to increase student interaction. Dr Julie Holland. Director of the Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Education provided the following feedback following installation of the Connect seating range - “The creation of this style of space has positively challenged the way we teach. The layout enables students to be engaged in a more effective way.” Leeds University provided these comments following installation of the Connect seating range - “To say that the post refurbishment results show a ‘Cinderella like’ transformation in satisfaction ratings would not be untrue.”


The Montpellier seating range was originally designed in collaboration with world-renowned architects Foster & Partners for Cambridge University’s Law Faculty. The lecture hall seating was carefully constructed to meet all the needs of a modern lecture theatre. One of the main benefits of the Montpellier range is that the chairs provide excellent postural support and comfortable cushioning which is ideal for extended periods of sitting. This helps ensure that students remain focused throughout teaching sessions and are able to maximise their learning potential. The folding seat design also allows universities to maximise the available space in lecture halls and optimise student capacity without compromising on the learning experience.


The Broadway seating range is ideal for teaching environments as it can be easily fitted in layouts on a tight curve. The chairs come in variable seat widths and backrest angles and can be custom designed to fit any space. This enables universities and colleges to enhance the available space and increase student capacity at teaching sessions. All Broadway seats can be upholstered and fitted with extras like foldaway tables to ensure maximum comfort and functionality. As with all of Race’s seating solutions, the Broadway range is made from highly durable material that is built to last. This is especially important in lecture halls as the chairs are subject to daily use and are likely to become worn or damaged quickly if they’re made from poor-quality materials.

Final thought

Race Furniture have been creating effective lecture hall seating for many leading universities and educational establishments. The seating used in learning environments is key to the overall learner experience and academic performance. For that reason, it’s important to consider the available seating solutions carefully in order to find the ideal seating solution for your learning space - whether that be traditional auditorium seating or the innovation award-winning Connect system that can be used to create a collaborative and highly-effective learning environment.

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