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Key Considerations for Airport Seating

Most major airports have thousands of travellers passing through them every day. Often, passengers spend several hours in airport terminals waiting to board their flights. For that reason, airports must provide quality seating that offers adequate levels of comfort and support to ensure a pleasant experience. Airports must also choose durable seating solutions that are reliable and able to withstand constant daily use, or they risk having to replace damaged seats regularly. With this in mind, here are the key considerations for airport seating:


Comfort is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing seating for airports. As mentioned above, passengers are likely to spend long periods of time within airport terminals and they need to be able to sit comfortably during this time. Seating plays a vital role in the overall experience that passengers have while using airports. Providing inadequate, poor-quality seating may lead to negative feedback and reviews from customers which may have a negative impact on the airport and its airlines. For that reason, airports should search for seating that offers the best levels of comfort and support. Fortunately, most airport seating solutions now come upholstered with cushions and are designed specifically to ensure the maximum level of comfort.


The second most important factor to consider when it comes to airport seating is durability. Seats within airport terminals are subject to constant use and need to be made from strong materials designed to withstand the daily pressure. Opting for cheap, poor quality seats means airports risk having to repair or replace damaged seats regularly. This could end up costing far more in the long-run and may also mean that there is not enough seating to accommodate all travellers. It is therefore worth investing in durable seating that is high-quality and built to last.


Accessibility is another important factor to consider when choosing seating solutions for airports. Travellers with disabilities typically require extra assistance to make their journey as comfortable and safe as possible. For that reason, many companies offer seating solutions that have been specially designed with disabilities in mind. For instance, premium seats can be installed with extra cushioning and space to ensure that disabled passengers can relax comfortably before their flights. These seats can be strategically placed within disability lounges or near important facilities such as toilets or boarding gates. This helps enhance the overall airport experience for anyone who is travelling with a disability.


Along with the above, airports also need to select a seating solution that will maximise the available space and provide enough seating for all passengers. Luckily, there are many space-efficient seating solutions on the market that allow airports to optimise capacity. Often, airports use a combination of seating solutions like fixed seats, benches, and island units to maximise space. Many of these seating options can be custom designed to fit any space, which allows airports to further enhance the available space.

Popular seating solutions in airports

Airports have several excellent choices when it comes to choosing a seating solution for their public space. Below, we are going to have a look at some of the most popular seating solutions used in airports.

Fixed chairs

Fixed chairs are the traditional seating solution used in airports and continue to be extremely popular today. Fixed chairs are affordable, durable, and can be custom designed in rows to maximise space. They also come in an extensive range of styles including cushioned designs that offer extra levels of comfort.


Benches are typically made from strong materials like steel, meaning that are highly durable and long-lasting. They are extremely versatile and can be installed to fit any available space. Benches are a popular seating solution in airports as they can accommodate large numbers of passengers and are able to withstand regular use.

Seating island unit

Similar to benches, seating island units are extremely versatile which makes them a popular seating choice in airport terminals. Often, they come upholstered with cushions to provide extra comfort for travellers. Seating island units come in a wide range of modern designs that can add a sense of style to a public space.


Seating plays a key role in the experience that people have while using airports. Investing in quality seating offers several great benefits - it provides travellers with comfort and support, it improves the reputation of the airport, and it can also save airports money in the long-run. All airports should take the above factors into consideration when searching for the best seating solution for their public spaces.

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