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Introducing: EON Seating

Seating plays a hugely important role in customer satisfaction within public transport terminals like train stations and airports. Passengers are likely to spend hours in airport terminal waiting to board flights, and so it is crucial that they are able to sit comfortably during this time and have the correct level of support to avoid pain or injury. There is a huge variety of airport seating solutions available on the market including fixed chairs, benches and seating island units. The type of seating used should be a key consideration in any airport design and the different options should be carefully considered to ensure the highest quality seating possible. The new EON range by Race Furniture offers the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality, making it the perfect seating solution for airport terminals. Here are the key reasons why airports should install EON seating in their public spaces.

Comfort With EON Seating

Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to airport seating. It’s important to keep in mind that passengers are likely to spend hours in airport terminals waiting to board their flights. It is therefore crucial that airports provide seating that allows passengers to sit comfortably during this time. What’s more, passengers expect a certain level of comfort when using airport terminals, so inadequate seating is likely to lead to customer complaints and negative reviews about the airport and airline. The EON range features a flexible and soft single shell seat that allows for maximum comfort. The unique integrated flexible back incline offers passengers the highest level of comfort and encourages movement to prevent pain or injuries. This makes EON seating ideal when sitting for long periods and waiting in airport terminals.


Most airport terminals see thousands of passengers pass through them on a daily basis and it is vital that airports provide enough seating to accommodate all passengers. The EON range offers a fixed seating solution that allows airports to maximise the available space without compromising on comfort. The seating rows contain between 2 to 6 seats and have been carefully designed with minimal parts to allow for easy cleaning and security checks. The simple design also allows for quick and convenient installation, meaning additional seating can easily be assembled and installed whenever needed.


Seating in airport terminals is subject to daily use, so it needs to be highly durable and able to withstand constant physical pressure. Choosing cheap, poor quality seating for your airport could actually cost you more money in the long run, as you may have to replace worn or damaged seats regularly. The new EON range is made from extremely strong material that has been built to be long-lasting. All chairs also receive thorough durability and fire testing to ensure the highest quality possible. The award-winning design has been carefully developed with airports in mind and there is also a 10 year warranty offered to give you complete peace of mind.


Along with the above, airport terminals also want to offer stylish seating that helps improve the visual appeal of the space. The new EON range offers a sleek, modern design that can be customised with additional features like armrests and colours. The range also offers adjustable seat and table arrangements with over 52 variables to choose from. This allows airports to design the ideal space that offers passengers both style and practicality.

Istanbul Grand Airport - Turkey

Race have been providing public area seating and offering passengers a comfortable experience in transport terminals for over 70 years. They recently worked closely with Istanbul Grand Airport in Turkey and were tasked with the renovation of all airport terminal seating. The new airport terminal is currently the largest in the world and it is expected to continue to grow. The terminal therefore required high quality seating that offered functionality, comfort, and durability. The EON seating range was installed to offer this and much more. The airport terminal now offers passengers a comfortable and convenient seating solution that meets the demands of this busy airport.

Seating plays a key role in the experience that passengers receive while using airports. It is vital that airports look for quality seating solutions that will offer passengers comfort, support, and durability. The new EON range offers airports the ultimate seating solution to ensure the best possible experience.

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