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Functional & Space Saving Seating At Airports & Railways

The type of seating used in airports and railway stations plays a key role in the overall passenger experience. People often spend several hours in airports and railway stations waiting to board their plane or train - it is crucial that they’re able to sit and wait comfortably during this time. High quality seating can be used to improve functionality, enhance comfort and maximise the available space. With this in mind, here are the key things to consider when searching for the best seating solution for airport or railway terminals.


Comfort is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a seating options for transport terminals. For instance, most passengers arrive at the airport several hours prior to their departure time and they expect to be able to sit comfortably while waiting to board their flight. For that reason, most airport seating is fitted with plush upholstery and cushions to ensure a comfortable experience over long waiting periods. Whereas, providing uncomfortable seating options may lead to customer complaints and negative reviews. This may then have a negative impact on the reputation and brand image of the airport and airline. Seating with inadequate support could also cause pain, along with a range of injuries to areas like the neck and back. For that reason, airport terminals should look for seating solutions that provide the maximum levels of comfort. On the other hand, people generally spend less time in transport terminals like railway and bus stations, meaning there’s less need for plush or cushioned seating designs. For example, the Dash seating range has been developed specifically for bus stops and rail platforms and provides a practical and comfortable seating solution for these public spaces.


Large volumes of people pass through airports and railway stations everyday. For that reason, it’s crucial that these public spaces provide enough quality seating for every passenger to be able to sit and wait comfortably. Fortunately, there are many smart seating solutions that have been carefully designed to maximise the space and increase the number of available seats. For instance, benches are an affordable and relaxed seating solution that take up minimal space and can be installed to fit most areas. They are also typically built from strong material which is durable and built to last. Similarly, seating island units are extremely versatile and can be adapted to fit most public areas while enhancing the space available. High tables and stools can also provide a modern and stylish seating solutions that maximises space and improves the passenger experience. These tables can easily be fitted with charging sockets to create the ideal space where passengers can relax and use their laptops or other electronic devices.


Another crucial element of public seating, is its ability to be durable and long-lasting. It’s important to keep in mind that seats in busy transport terminals are likely to be subject to constant daily use. They must therefore be built from strong high-quality material, or you risk having to replace worn or damaged seats regularly. It’s therefore advisable to purchase seating that has been specifically designed for transport terminals or other frequently used public spaces. Try to opt for seats made from strong, quality material like steel.


Accessibility is another key factor when considering seating solutions for airports or railway stations. Passengers travelling with disabilities often require extra assistance to make their journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Fortunately, seating can be specially designed to make transport terminals more accessible to people with disabilities or additional needs. For example, many airports create special assistance lounges fitted with plush premium seats where disabled passengers can relax and unwind before boarding their flight. Airports and railway stations also often allocate specific seats to disabled passengers or those requiring additional support. These seats can be strategically placed next to key facilities such as toilets or boarding gates. This helps make travel more comfortable for anyone who requires special assistance due to a disability or additional needs.

Final thought

Seating is a crucial element of airport and railway design. It’s important to keep in mind that passengers often spend long periods of time waiting in transport terminals. For that reason, it’s vital that these public spaces provide seating that is comfortable, durable and accessible. Use the above advice to help you choose the best seating solution for your airport or railway terminal.

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