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Exploring Our Range of Public Seating

Seating plays an essential role in the overall experience that people have while using public spaces. All public venues should therefore consider their seating options carefully and choose a solution that offers comfort, durability, and space-efficiency. Below, we are going to look at our public seating range and discuss which solution would be best for your public space.


Our new Eon range has been designed to offer the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality, making it an excellent seating option for public spaces. The Eon collection has a unique integrated flexible back incline which encourages movement and offers the highest level of comfort. This makes EON seating ideal when sitting for long periods and waiting in transport terminals like airports and railway stations. The Eon range has also been designed to facilitate cleaning with all parts being easily accessible, which also allows for easy security checks. Along with offering comfort and durability, the Eon range also boasts a sleek, modern design that can be customised with additional features like armrests and colours, with over 52 variables to choose from.


The Penta range has been expertly designed to meet the needs of all public spaces - from busy transport terminals to healthcare facilities. The collection features a wide selection of quality materials including metal and can be upholstered in a wide variety of PU finishes to maximise comfort during long waiting times. This makes the Penta range perfect for busy transport terminals like airports. All styles within the collection can be customised with integrated power and data ports to allow people to charge and use their electrical devices while waiting in public spaces. These additional features allow public venues to enhance the overall customer experience.

Green Furniture

Our Green Furniture Concept provides a sustainable and beautifully designed seating solution for public waiting areas. The innovative design is completely flexible and allows seating to be customised to suit specific spaces and maximise overall capacity. The seats are made from individually bentwood slats that can be joined to shape any creative configurations. This allows public spaces to facilitate seating for 30-50% more people than traditional seating furniture. The green collection is leading the way in sustainable seating and all designs are made from FSC approved or upcycled wood material.


The Touchdown range offers an extremely durable solution for powered workstations in busy public environments. They are popular in airport terminals as they allow travellers to charge and use their electronic devices while waiting to board flights. This helps to enhance the overall experience that passengers have while travelling. The Touchdown tables can be customised to fit into any specific space and you can opt to have matching stools and bespoke designs to create a unique and stylish look.


Our Alight range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of busy rail stations and airport terminals. The seating is exceptionally versatile and can be either fixed or freestanding on a wide variety of different floor surfaces. The collection is available in a huge range of styles and finishes included stainless steel and upholstered. The Alight range offers seating units containing between 2 to 5 seats which can be customised to fit any available space. The seat width and arms can also be custom designed to suit the requirements of a particular venue. The simple design also allows for quick and convenient installation, meaning additional seating can easily be assembled and installed whenever needed. The Alight range provides a comfortable, affordable, and robust seating solution for many different public environments, particularly busy transport terminals.


The Dash platform perch seat is a simple design that has been developed specifically for bus stops and rail platforms. Its sturdy support structure means it can be safely installed on many different floor surfaces and the seats can either fixed or wall-mounted. The Dash range is made from extremely strong material and is built to withstand daily use, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable seating solution. The collection is available in a selection of paint finishes and the seats are coated with a weather-resistant coating, thus making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Final Thoughts

Seating plays an extremely important role in many different public spaces. Quality seating can be utilised to enhance the overall experience when using public spaces like transport terminals, educational facilities, theatres, and healthcare centres. The right seating solution will ensure comfort, provide many years of hassle-free service, and maximise the space available within public venues.

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