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Connect Seating: Connecting Students & Lecturers

Lecture hall seating plays a key role in the overall learner experience within lecture halls and other educational establishments. High quality seating can enhance learner ability, create a productive interactive learning environment and improve academic performance. The new award-winning Connect seating range by Race Furniture has been expertly created to meet the needs of modern educational facilities. This space efficient seating solution provides the perfect blend of comfort, support and functionality to enhance any learning space. With this in mind, here are the top reasons why you should consider Connect seating for your lecture hall.

Space Efficient

It is important for universities and other educational establishments to maximise the space available in lecture halls in order to optimise capacity at teaching sessions. One of the top benefits of the Connect range is that it’s multi-award winning design makes it one of the most space efficient seating solutions on the market today. The unique seating design reduces the overall space requirement by combining a didactic lecture theatre with a collaborative break-out space. For instance, a traditional lecture hall design requires around 2.5㎡ per student, whereas the Connect design only uses 1.3㎡ per person. Having this additional space allows universities to optimise capacity and maximise their budget, all while creating a more effective and collaborative learning environment for their students.

Maximum Comfort

Comfort is a crucial factor to consider when searching for an effective seating solution for a lecture hall or other learning environment. It is important to keep in mind that students are likely to be using lecture hall seating for long periods of time and it’s vital that they remain focused and motivated during this time. If a student is sitting uncomfortably, they are likely to become distracted and move around in an attempt to get into a comfortable position. This will have an obvious negative effect on their learning ability and may also distract nearby students as well as the person giving the lecture. On the other hand, students who are sat comfortably will be far more motivated and focused during teaching sessions. This should help them absorb more information and achieve higher academic performance. The Connect seating range has been carefully designed with upholstered cushioned seating to ensure maximum comfort during teaching sessions.

Collaborative Learning

Many studies have found that interactive learning environments that encourage collaboration are far more effective that traditional lecture style halls with seating designed in fixed rows. The Connect seating range has completely revolutionised the way that lecturers interact and students learn. Connect features a collaborative seating bench which can be custom designed to enhance the layout of the learning space and ensure that the lecture theatre is fulfilling its full potential. The unique and modern design of the Connect range has been highly praised by educators and students all across the UK and Europe for its ability to encourage and promote group learning, while allowing the lecturer to move freely around the room and support students during teaching sessions. Race Furniture recently completed an installation of the Connect range at Loughborough Design School and received the following comments from the Head of School, Professor Tony Hodgson - “Feedback from students, staff and visitors has been spectacularly positive, and we all really enjoy working in the building” This innovative learning environment effectively combines the need for collaborative group work with teacher focused lectures to create the ideal learning space.


Lecture hall seating is typically used on a daily basis, so it needs to be made from quality strong material that is able to withstand constant physical pressure. Choosing seating made from poor-quality material may result in you having to replace damaged or worn chairs regularly. This can become a serious problem for universities and colleges with already stretched budgets and quickly lead to issues with cash flow. For that reason, investing in high-quality seating should save you money and help you manage your finances more efficiently in the long run. The Connect seating range is made from highly durable material that is built to last. All chairs also receive thorough durability and fire testing to ensure the highest quality possible. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your seating solution will remain in excellent condition for many years.

Final thought

It is important to remember that the type of seating used in lecture theatres plays a crucial role in the overall learning experience and academic ability of students. The Connect range creates the ideal learning environment by providing an innovative seating solution that encourages collaboration, maximises available space, and benefits both educators and students by enhancing learning ability.

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