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Church Seating

Churches are places of worship as well as being social spaces at the heart of the community. They are obviously busy on a Sunday for regular services, but church and church hall use has expanded greatly. Now they play host to children’s playgroups, local history group meetings and neighbourhood watch group gatherings, amongst many other activities. No matter what the reason is for their visit, you want people to be able to sit comfortably in your church buildings. You need this to be the case whether they are praying or taking part in a meeting in the church hall. This is why you may need an eclectic selection of seating that can meet the various needs of your church. Race Furniture will work with you to make sure you have comfortable, affordable and durable seating that all visitors to your church can use.

Different types of church seating

There are several types of seating that may be required in a church, from modern pew style arrangements, to more relaxed seating clusters for church meetings and stackable chairs that can be used when necessary. The team at Race Furniture creates all of these different types of seating to a high standard of performance and appearance. You simply need to tell us about the life of your church and we will work with you to decide what type of seating will work best for you. The best solution may be to acquire different types of church seating that can be used in conjunction with each other.

Functional and durable seating that lasts

Churches can be very busy places when you take into account the services, Sunday School classes, church meetings and other neighbourhood activities that take place in them every week. They are no longer places that are mainly used at the weekend. This is why the seating that you have in your church needs to be of high quality and made from good materials. Seating that is manufactured to a high standard can carry out its function during all of the various activities that take place and be durable enough to last through all of the wear and tear. We will talk to you about your seating requirements and create a tailored seating solution that provides a comfortable place to sit for everyone who visits your church, and stands the test of time. Our experts will design any bespoke church seating that you need, to fit in with the surroundings of your church. We recognise the importance of this as depending on current design features, church buildings can require seating that is styled in many different ways, from traditional wood for older churches to the clean lines of metal in more modern environments. Whatever your design requirements are, Race Furniture can help.

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