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Choosing the right seating for your public space

Seating plays a vital role in the comfort level and overall experience when using public venues. The type of seating used should therefore be a key consideration when designing the layout of public spaces such as transport terminals, healthcare facilities, theatres, and lecture halls. With this in mind, here are some key things to consider when choosing seating for your public venue.


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when selecting the best seating solution for your public space. It is important to remember that people often spend long periods of time in public venues. For example, passengers are likely to spend hours in airport terminals waiting to board their flights. It is therefore vital that airports provide seating that allows passengers to sit comfortably during this time. Quality seating plays a crucial role in the overall passenger experience and people expect a certain level of comfort when using these facilities. Similarly, comfortable seating is also extremely important within educational facilities. This is because students who are sat comfortably will be far more motivated and have a higher learner ability. On the other hand, students who are sat uncomfortably are likely to be distracted and poor seating could also lead to a number of injuries over time. Fortunately, there are many fantastic seating options available on the market that provide excellent levels of comfort. This includes seats that have been upholstered or designed with plush cushions to provide the most comfortable experience possible. All public spaces should consider comfort a key factor when choosing the best seating solution.


Many public spaces are multi-functional and require seating that allows some degree of flexibility. For example, churches now play host to a huge selection of different activities and events in the community and therefore need to provide seating that accommodates a variety of guests. Stacking chairs provide the ultimate flexibility as they can be easily moved to wherever they are required. This convenient seating solution allows public venues to quickly change the layout and provide additional seating when required. Stacking chairs can also be stored away when they are not in use to maximise the space available and help keep public venues organised and free from clutter.


Seating in public areas is often subject to daily use, so it needs to have the ability to withstand constant physical pressure. For instance, major airport terminals have thousands of passengers passing through them everyday. Many public seating solutions are made from extremely strong material that it built to be long-lasting. It is important to choose durable seating solutions for your public space or you risk having to replace worn or damaged seats frequently which could become a challenge when trying to manage budgets and cash flow.


Along with the above, public spaces also want seating that is stylish to help improve the visual appeal of the venue. Fortunately, there is a huge range of seating solutions to choose from in a wide variety of different styles. For example, touchdown tables and stools provide the perfect powered workstations in busy public environments. In the digital era, people have come to expect to be able to use technology such as mobile devices and the internet when using public spaces like airport terminals. Touchdown tables and stools offer the ideal modern and stylish seating solution for busy travellers. They can also be custom designed to fit into any space and the stools come in a wide range of different colours and patterns to compliment the interiors of any public venue. Some public spaces also use seating to add to the ambiance and overall style of the venue. For example, many theatres and opera houses install plush cushioned seats in dramatic shades and textures to help create a luxury, stylish feel that adds to the overall theatre experience.


Accessibility is another key factor to consider when installing seating in public spaces. Seating can be designed to make public venues more accessible to people with disabilities or additional needs. For instance, many theatres now use removable seats which are a great way to create more seating options for wheelchair users. Theatres can also allocate certain seats to wheelchair users which will help provide the best experience possible. This may include seats that are situated in the aisle or close to facilities like bathrooms. Many airports feature special assistance lounges that provide bespoke spacious chairs where disabled passengers can relax before they board a flight. This helps make air travel far more convenient and comfortable for passengers requiring special assistance.

Remember that seating plays a crucial role in the overall experience when using public spaces. Take the above factors into consideration when choosing the best seating solution for your venue.

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