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Building the best auditorium | Race Furniture

An auditorium should optimise the experience of the audience, and so there are considerations that are paramount when building an auditorium. Read more here

Collaborative seating - Lecture Seating | Race Furniture

Collaborative seating enables students to work with each other while still having the benefits of a traditional lecture environment. Read more here.

Airports: Creating an Area Good Enough to Wait in | Race Furniture

As airports become busier, and traveller numbers increase, so airport lounges should be places where throngs of people are able to enjoy the experience of waiting for their flights, rather than spend the entire time concentrating on their destination

Setting up for a theatre performance | Race Furniture

Lights! Camera! Action! Well not quite but that phrase is such a simplistic view of film-making and there is probably a similar view of a theatre performance. You gather a bunch of actors and props, they rehearse, and the shows happens.

Has the Design of Theatres Changed Over the Years? | Race Furniture

Since the ancient civilisations, humans have been entertaining themselves with theatrical performances. It started with simple storytelling around campfires to performances staged in particular areas and then buildings designed for the specific purpose.

The Science Behind Auditorium Acoustics | Race Furniture

How we hear a speech, a lecture, a piece of music or a video clip, can depend on the type of space we are in and its set-up.

The Beginner’s Guide to Theatre Terms | Race Furniture

A theatre’s a theatre, isn’t it? A theatre, a place where you go to watch some kind of show and be entertained is never going to be anything else.

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