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The Importance of Functional Seating in Churches | Race Furniture

The type of seating used in churches can have an impact on the overall experience. Here's some of the reasons why seating is important in church buildings.

How Theatre Seating Enhances the Experience | Race Furniture

Theatre seating can have an impact on the overall theatre experience. Here are some of the reasons why seating should be a key element in theatre design.

The Effects of Seating On Your Lecture Hall | Race Furniture

Lecture halls are often considered to be the ideal learning environment. Here are some of the main effects that seating can have on your lecture hall.

Why lecture theatres are an effective teaching environment | Race Furniture

Lecture theatres are a staple of higher education. Let’s see what makes lecture theatres a popular and effective teaching environment.

Creating Your Ideal Learning Environment | Race Furniture

Creating the best possible learning environment can play a vital role in your learning is. Here's some of the ways to create a perfect learning environment

Theatres Throughout History | Race Furniture

People have been entertaining themselves with theatrical performances for thousands of years. Here's some of the most notable theatres throughout history.

The Impact Of Theatre Design | Race Furniture

Theatre design is an essential part of the overall theatre performance, and there are a number of things to consider when looking into this. Read more here.

The Challenges Of Working On Historic Buildings | Race Furniture

Historic buildings were built using different materials to modern construction. Designers must take account of the aesthetic and needs of the building.

Make a great first impression with your Reception Furniture | Race Furniture

When it comes to making a first impression, you should never underestimate the importance of reception furniture. It needs to be perfect for your visitors.

Building the best auditorium | Race Furniture

An auditorium should optimise the experience of the audience, and so there are considerations that are paramount when building an auditorium. Read more here

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