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Travellers can spend several hours in an airport terminal. It’s vital that they have somewhere comfortable to sit during that time. Race furniture works with clients to ensure that they get the durable airport seating solutions they are looking for and to make sure visitors to their airport can sit in comfort. This is an important aspect of providing airport visitors with the type of experience they expect.

Whether you are interested in traditional style row seating, or clusters for social areas, we will create stylish seating that provides a solution for the airport on a long-term basis. We know that each client has different requirements and that there is no one size fits all solution. This is why we work with clients to discuss their plans and how our seating fits into them. This helps us to ensure that you get the end result you are looking for with the perfect seating for your needs.

Extra comfort and space for premium areas

Airports play host to many different types of traveller; some prefer the cost saving and efficient experience and others pay for premium treatment. We always create airport seating that provides a good level of comfort for people using it. This is an essential requirement when people could be using the seating for several hours at a time. We also recognise that seating for premium areas often needs some extra touches. We will help you provide the additional comfort, space and luxury that your premium passengers expect. This is an important aspect of the service we provide, as if premium standard travellers do not get the high level of comfort they expect it can have a detrimental effect on your reputation.

Airport seating that is built to last

Thousands of people pass through airports every day, and many of them sit down while they are there. Whether they are in departure lounges, premium lounges or general socialising and eating areas, airport seats have to be built to last and made from good quality materials that can withstand plenty of wear and tear. If this does not happen, the seats soon become worn and need to be replaced, which results in you having to invest more of your potentially over-stretched budget. This does not happen with airport seating from Race Furniture. Our experts put their skills and expertise to use designing seating that is robust enough to handle the rigours of daily airport life while maintaining a stylish look. We provide you with the comfortable, convenient and long lasting airport seating solutions that help to make sure visitors to your airport enjoy the experience. This means that they are more likely to recommend your airport to others, helping to maintain, or improve, your reputation as an excellent base for airlines and a good choice of departure airport for travellers.

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