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Corporate Social Responsibility

We class ourselves as a socially and environmentally responsible company, who are committed to ‘Making Global Goals Local Business’ (United Nations Global Compact). We aim to address the UN Global Compact key themes of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption with our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy; which is made up of a variety of policy statements. In addition, by incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our company operations, we strive to employ the best practices possible and prove our commitment to sustainability. Our Sustainability policy highlights our promises as an international group; how we aim to achieve this can be explored in more detail below.

Join us on our sustainability journey. Let’s furnish the world better.

Download our full Corporate Social Responsibility policy here

Our policies

Actions we are taking

We continue to support our customers’ environmental and social responsibility efforts by providing innovative furniture and interior concepts that enable:

  • the ability to make an informed choice
  • the reduction of CO2 output through increased utilisation of space, thereby needing less overall space

Maintain the highest environmental and quality standards

Gain certification of our products by prioritising the following:

  • obtain FSC Chain of Custody

Conduct supply chain audits to ensure the traceability of our products

Develop and maintain Environmental Data Sheets for our entire product range

Monitor our environmental impacts and set targets to ensure lowest environmental impact:

  • increase energy efficiency of our manufacturing sites
  • increase the proportion of energy supply from renewable resources
  • decrease the proportion of waste going to landfill to align with the groups's goal to be 0% to landfill

Prioritise sustainability within product development:

  • increase the incorporation of recycled materials within our designs
  • continue working towards our aim for all products to be minimum 95% recyclable
  • design for longevity for end- user benefit and possible second-life after use

Involve our employees with increased CSR activities to make social and environmental responsibility a part of our everyday

Continue to engage with our local community through regular charity fundraising activities, including collaborations with designers whose charity schemes aim to provide apprenticeship opportunities for disadvantaged youths within the furniture industry

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