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Corporate Social Responsibility

Race Furniture, as part of the Ocee International group, is committed to making the responsible choice. We understand that our future development is dependent on our actions; and to sustain growth, we must incorporate sustainability into every part of the company from product design, to our manufacturing outputs, to our company branded gifts. We want our sustainability efforts to have a lasting impact.

By using the Sustainable Development Goals to focus our efforts, we are working towards something bigger. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out goals for countries to achieve. In today’s day and age, companies hold just as much responsibility as governments do. So, we believe the incorporating these global goals into our local actions, means we can help in this movement towards a more sustainable world.

Our people are everything to us; their physical and mental wellbeing is reflected in their work. We know that investment in our people is a sustainable investment in the company.

In order to achieve stable economic growth, as an organisation, we are always looking for ways to innovate and diversify. To achieve this, we aim to employ a diverse range of people who all bring something different to the table.

Our product development team continually aims to develop innovative designs to help our customers reduce their overall environmental footprint.

Responsible consumption and production – Considering a closed-loop cycle, we want to reduce our production’s impact by setting targets and improvements for our material type/use; the recyclability of products; our energy use; our waste management, and so on.

As an international company with an international supply chain, we know transparency is key. We aim to ensure that all businesses we support are honest, open, and accountable.

Please download the OCI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to understand more about our company ethos and the way we conduct business.

Download our policy

Whilst we are focusing on these five goals, we are not limiting ourselves to them as many of the 17 goals overlap. These are the goals that we believe we can make the most impact with what we do here at Ocee International, to benefit our company, our stakeholders and community and our environment.

Ocee International is committed to becoming more environmentally and socially responsible, and in doing so, we hope to not only inspire our suppliers to be but our customers too.


To show our commitment to the environment and to our customers, we are now certified to ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management, and ISO9001:2015 Quality Management. Our aim is to improve customer experience whilst reducing the negative impact we have on the environment.

Download our ISO-9001 certificate

Download our ISO-14001 certificate

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