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Project Completion - Walkers Court, Boulevard Theatre

Race recently completed the installation for the Boulevard Theatre at Walkers Court in London. The main seat featured was a bespoke "Tub" seat with a further 4 variations including a wall mounted version, all were designed as bespoke.

This project is one of the most unique that Race had ever worked on as it featured an engineered rotating floor on both the ground floor and balcony. The seats are move-able to allow for different configurations for viewing, dining etc. and are fixed to the floor using fixing bolts that are concealed and flush with the floor when not in use. A large amount of design work went into this project and the results are fantastic!

In collaboration with SODA Architects, TAIT - Stage Engineers and Charcoal Blue -Theatre Consultants.

The venue will be open to the public later on this year. Keep an eye out for the full case study

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